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Flexible A full-service platform that is as flexible as your business need Modern Meet the Healthcare Platform developed for the 21st century Innovative Utilizes the advances of the last decade in cloud computing, AI, and big-data analytics Simple Single integrated platform that streamlines the entire life cycle that makes sense

About Us

Healthsoft™ was founded in 2006 with the motto “We care for Healthcare”. The simple idea behind the creation of the company is to make state-of-the-art software solutions and services infrastructure for the healthcare industry to make everyday life for the providers easy. Our mission is to let the healthcare providers do what they are good at – provide service to the patients.

All our software solutions include, product maintenance, backups, and hosting all included. All you need is an internet-enabled device. You will receive all current and future updates, features, and UI enhancements at no extra cost.

Our Products

Never has there been such a comprehensive group of Laboratory Information Systems Suite software designed to address your every need. iHealth suite focuses on optimizing your lab’s operation while exhibiting coherent and consistent connectivity to laboratory instruments, robotics, and other information systems.

A tool by Healthsoft™ designed especially for phlebotomists. Now you do not have to depend on spreadsheets and texts. Using® is as easy as 1-2-3.

Create and organize your next health event with one of the kinds, QR code based registration,  ordering and screening system with a full integration with laboratories.


Product maintenance, backups and hosting included in the product price. All you need is an internet enabled device.

Exceptional Support

Receive training, a pre-configured product and experience exceptional support at no additional charge.

Data Migration

Automate today! All your existing data is loaded to the product, so that you can quickly come up to speed.

Upgrade Assurance

Get regular updates with new functionality, features and UI enhancements at no extra cost.


Years of Experiance




Yrs Field Proven

M Patel, DGL's lab result portal almost blew my socks off. Simple... Intuitive...No training needed. My clients are very happy and client satisfaction through the roof.

— M Patel, DGL

M Mitchem, VIP Labs - Easy!!! I Love IT!!! Why are you so good to me!!! Thank you.

— M Mitchem, VIP Labs

Q, QC Phlebotomy Labs - Loving this system btw!...

— Q, QC Phlebotomy Labs

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